lördag 29 oktober 2011

Tibia MC

Tibia Multiclient is a tool for Tibia that allows tibia bot to open as many game windows as you want, so you can play more than one character at the same time. Get this advantage over other players today! You will never see the "Tibia is already running" message ever again! Unlike other patches our multi clients do not modify the client. They are 100% safe and undetectable.

Tibia MC 9.31 is a program that allows you to run multiple Tibia 9.31 clients. It is 100% safe and undetectable because it does not modify the Tibia 9.31 client.
1. Download Tibia MC
2. Put TibiaMC931.exe in the main Tibia folder. (Usually located at C:\Program Files\Tibia).
3. Run TibiaMC931.exe each time you want to launch an additional Tibia 9.31 client.
Note: Close all Tibia clients before running the patch. If it doesn’t work try running as Admin if you are on Windows 7/Vista.

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