söndag 30 oktober 2011

Tibia Multiclient

Tibia MC

We will be releasing tibia multiclients for every new version of tibia. Always come here for the latest tibia mc. If there is a patch in tibia, we got the mc patch.

Tibia multiclient is a patch for the downloadable tibia bot client that will allow you to open several clients at once and log in with as many characters as you wish. Such thing can be very usefull when you need to transfer items between characters on different accounts, make runes on your mage while hunting on your other character, botting on more then one character at once and much more.

1. Download the tibia mc patch.
2. Move the file to your tibia folder.
3. Open the file as many times as you want.
4. Log in on all your accounts, and have fun!

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