torsdag 10 november 2011

Tibia Multiclient

Tibia MC Features

Why should we use Tibia MC 9.4, what could such thing possibly be used for and what does it do?
Tibia Multiclient is a tool for Tibia that allows you to open as many game windows as you want, so you can play more than one character at the same time. The more characters you can play on the more profit you will make in the game.It is very easy to use and install. You simply place the file in your tibia folder and open it for as many characters taht you wish to log in with. This powerfull tool will allow you to do many things at once such as bot several characters at the same time, log on your mage to make runes while you hunt on your main to earn extra profit or runes to hunt with. This tool is a real time saver and could increase yout income with as many times as you choose. You are only limited by how many accounts you are willing to log in with. Create 5 accounts at once and sell them or the gold you gain to even earn real money. Tibia MC is only limited by your imagination!
Unlike other patches our multi clients do not modify the tibia bot. They are 100% safe and undetectable.

Feature Summary:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-install
  • Undetectable
  • Powerful
  • Small in size
  • Safe
  • Time saver

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