tisdag 1 november 2011

Tibia MC 9.31

Tibia MC

The tibia MC released for the current version of the game is very usefull and skillfully modified to elminate any suspicions by the tibia automatic anti cheat system.

Tibia multiclient is a program for the tibia bot downloadable tibia client that willetl  you to open many clients at the same time and log in with as muccharsh  as you want. Such program can be very handy when you want to transfer items between accounts, make runes on your mage while hunting on your other character, botting on more then one character at once and much more.

1. Download the tibia mc 9.31 program.
2. Put file in your tibia folder.
3. Open the file as many times as you want.
4. Log in on all your accounts, enjoy!

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